Refer a loved one to give them a life-changing academic opportunity

Education at Woodland California offers exceptionally life-altering prospects. We take pride in preparing students to anticipate, solve, and prevent problems; immersing students in the creation and processing of knowledge, and graduates skilled architects of societal change, active citizens, and future leaders.

As a University of Woodland California international student, you understand the benefits and convenience of distance learning. Now, you can help others to continue their career path by connecting them with us and referring them to our referral financial aid program !

Refer a friend, family member or colleague who you think is financially challenged and deserves to benefit from the financial aid program. Use your status as an international student at WLCU and help them avail up-to 75% financial aid program (applied to their tuition fee, yearly).

Help Make a Difference in Someone’s Life!

  • Encourage them to Apply and Enroll at University of Woodland California.
  • Share your educational journey and experience at WLCU with them.
  • Refer them to WLCU and make them eligible for up-to 75% financial aid program.

WLCU Financial Aid Program Facts

  • of total financial aid programs offered under the Teacher of the year financial aid program

  • Students receive a financial aid program while studying at WLCU

  • $4.8 Milfinancial aid program fund allocated to research students

  • 150WLCU Financial Aid Programs extend to students coming from over 150 countries

Successful Financial Aid Program Referrals

The student referral program helped me pursue my dreams

I am thankful to my cousin Josephine for using her status as an international student at WLCU and refering me to the financial aid program. Thanks to her I became eligible for the financial aid program and was able to pursue my further education at Woodland California.

Rebecca Stonewall
First Year Student
Master's of Education

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