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School Of Law and Legal Studies

The School Of Law And Legal Studies specializes in areas of legal theory and sciences and excels at creating competent legal professionals by providing an academic curricula including legal theory, practice and action. WLCU Graduate School of Law develops the institutional experience in the field of law and legal sciences by improving professionalism and academic excellence through legal theory, practice and action.

The WLCU High School of Law aspires to the current position in the field of law and legal studies through its infinite efforts to equip students with rewarding professional learning. The school's approach is to develop a positive attitude of students towards the field and make then recognize the importance of law as an essential part of the society.

Majors Offered By
School Of Law and Legal Studies

At Woodland California, we ensure students get the best Law and Legal Studies in the fields of their interest. Our School of Law and Legal Studies offers specialization in a number of areas, allowing students to acquire skills and excel in their specific fields.

Private Investigation

Law & Human Rights (Human Rights & Justice)

Special Education

Forensic Science

Note: For exclusive majors discuss with your assigned student counselor first.

Career Prospects

Law and Legal Studies tends to be a rewarding field in terms of salary payouts and career advancement opportunities. The field is forecasted to grow exponentially in the years to come, generating new jobs and in the process, loosen up the highly saturated job market. Individuals with higher education in Law and Legal Studies are likely to enhance their career prospects and get better chances of employment.

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