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Woodland California is proud to partner with progressive employers

University of Woodland California is proud to partner with many progressive employers who are student supporters as they pursue their education and want to work at the same time. University of Woodland California is willing to partner with organizations who are willing to hire students that are pursuing education whilst supporting themselves and their loved ones. WLCU offers the flexibility and paves pathways for the students to study and work without any burden. They can easily fulfill their responsibilities and achieve academic goals while earning for their families and serving their communities. WLCU remained committed to providing flexible and manageable ways so that learners can earn a quality education and valuable degree while keeping the focus on the most important factors of life too.

WLCU is paving an accessible and flexible path for its students to get full support with tuition fee and career advice. This step requires the help of employers as well as they will also support their partner universities in terms of providing various career opportunities. This way employers can show their employees the value of a degree in a particular field and its importance in an organization’s growth. The University of Woodland California is eager to partner with employers that wish to provide these great pathways for their employees while not compromising on the quality and value of the degree earned.

This initiative has helped many employees to earn while earning and the number has been on the rise since then. In the year 2018, more than 30 firms join hands with us to facilitate students with their studies while giving them a platform to earn. This year the number raised to 59 which included many famous multinational firms as well. WLCU is looking forward to more firms joining this great initiative and supporting students.

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