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Academic Excellence is in their blood: Mother and Daughter Earn Woodland California’s Degrees on the same day

Stephanie Brown mother of Mary Woodley has earned a Doctorate degree and Master’s degree in Psychology respectively on the same day. A year ago mother-daughter relaxation time turned into study time and instead of spending time on DIY together they started to study for the program that they wanted to do together for a very long time. Stephanie Brown is a Psychologist and has an experience of more than 2 decades but due to lack of time, she never managed to continue to pursue her PhD. in Psychology. Her daughter convinced her to enroll in this program with her and fulfill her lifelong wish of earning a doctorate degree.

“This is a proud moment for both of us as we are able to achieve what we wanted for so many years and that too together,” Mary said.

While Mary pursued her Master’s degree in Psychology, Stephanie pursued her PhD. in Psychology online and continued working full-time as a certified Psychologist. WLCU made it possible for them to pursue their dream of studying and working simultaneously. Mary also got a financial aid program from University of Woodland California on a merit basis.

University of Woodland California is an ideal option for those who want flexibility and credible education at the same time. With efficient time-management, both of them managed to complete their academic program on time while working full-time. WLCU helps in many ways for students to easily complete their education on time through online academic counselor assistance. WLCU encourages students to pursue a career while studying online and self-managing their schedule.

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