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Valuing Potential and Making Education Accessible for All

We at University of Woodland California understand how overwhelming it can be to pay for your tuition and have designed various financial aid programs catering to students coming from all walks of life. WLCU financial aid programs offer generous financial support to students allowing them to focus on their education and graduate loan free. We admire the efforts of students willing to pursue their higher education, giving the deserving students a chance to access high quality education, equipping them with professionally relevant practical skills along with multiple employment prospects for them to excel in life.

WLCU Financial Aid Program Categories

Teacher of the Year Financial Aid Programs

WLCU promotes an all-inclusive environment where diversity and being different is valued. This financial aid program helps outstanding students with disabilities and unfavorable domestic or financial circumstances, and them a chance in life to make a positive impact in their studies and careers.You must fall in one of the following category to apply for this financial aid program.

  • Have a biological condition recognized as a disability
  • Be a resident of an under-developed or developing country
  • Fall in a low income category household as recognized by the government of the United States
  • Be a stay at home wife

Award: Up to $8,500

High Achiever Financial Aid Programs

This financial aid program is available for academically qualified students with outstanding educational records.

Award: Up to $6,000

Research Financial Aid Programs

The Research financial aid program attracts high quality students and contributes to their research efforts.

Award: Up to $9,000

Military Financial Aid Programs

WLCU pays tribute to the active duty military personnel and discharged veterans by offering them tuition assistance.

Award: Up to $7,000

See if you Qualify?

All students are eligible to be considered for the financial aid programs, irrespective of their nationalities. The financial aid program has no bounds in terms of the academic program you have applied for. Read the eligibility criteria below to see if you adequately qualify for one of our financial aid program categories. For more information speak to our admissions advisor via live chat or call toll free at 1-866-910-8733.

General Eligibility Criteria

  • Must meet one of the four criteria when applying for the inclusivity financial aid program
  • Must be accepted in one of the programs at Woodland California
  • Have an impressive previous academic record such as test scores, CGPA and high grades.
  • Students engaged in community service and extra-curricular activities are preferred
  • of total financial aid programs offered under the Teacher of the year financial aid program

  • Students receive a financial aid program while studying at WLCU

  • $4.8 Milfinancial aid program fund allocated to research students

  • 150WLCU Financial Aid Programs extend to students coming from over 150 countries

Our Proud Financial Aid Program Winners

Thankful for the generous grant

WLCU Financial Aid Program helped me chase my dreams and study the program I was really passionate about. My sincere gratitude extends towards the university and its generous financial aid program.

Linda Hall
Final Year Student
Bachelors in Aerospace Engineer

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