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Admission at University of Woodland California

University of Woodland California is among such institutions that provide quality education at affordable tuition fee. WLCU is a pioneer of distance learning education with carefully designed academic programs for the learners which they can manage according to their work/life schedule and earn a degree that helps them to progress in their field. As far as admission is concerned, potential students can apply for admission anytime they want throughout the year.

WLCU is offering different academic programs which include degree programs, certifications, and diploma programs. Degree programs consist of 15 professional schools which include more than 70 majors. WLCU provides opportunities to all students regardless of their race and financial status. Students can apply for financial aid program at the time of admission.

If you wish to start or continue your education, simply follow our four-step process which requires applicants to fill a form that includes basic personal information, academic details, financial information and payment of fee for the desired program.

WLCU - Redefining Higher Education

Focused Learning

WLCU focuses on the quality of knowledge and education that is delivered to our valuable students through LMS.

Affordable Education

WLCU provides the best value in education along with low tuition fee and financial aid program options.

Career Focused

WLCU strives to provide career-relevant skills and knowledge for better opportunities in your career and further education.

Procedure for Admission

WLCU fosters academic ability and intellectual curiosity among the students. Our students come from all over the world and bring with them an amazing range of backgrounds and ethnicities. This helps make our University one of the most sensational learning environments anywhere.

Students from all over the world want to apply here and in order to submit the application for admission at University of Woodland California, you need to fill in the basic personal and academic details in the form which includes name, level of education and income details, etc. After filling in this information you are set to proceed to the next step.

After filling basic information form, you are required to select your educational program and review financial details. This step involves complete verification of details provided which includes educational background and alternative qualifications and financial standing of an individual.

We welcome students, part-time worker, and full-time workers without any discrimination. We offer various types of financial aid programs, grants and financial aid for deserving students as well.

After filling all your information, the next step is to make the payment via secure payment server. Applicants will be provided with relevant bank account information through which they have to submit the program fee.

Students can discuss their financial aid program requirement with their student counselor and can reduce their program fee upon approval.

After successful completion of application form and payment, the process will be completed and you will receive a confirmation email from the university’s email address acknowledging the confirmation of your admission in the applied academic program.

The email will contain all the relevant information regarding the process to be followed further to complete the admission process. This confirmation email will be followed by a sequence of emails regarding program commencement and test, assessments dates, etc.

What makes WLCU different?

No Deadlines

There are no fixed time-tables and deadlines for assignment submission and exam. Students can discuss
their studying plans with our correspondents anytime.


Credit Transfer

Credit transfer service is available at WLCU where you can transfer
your credits earned from an accredited institute.


Financial Aid Program Grants

WLCU receives millions of dollars in the financial aid program fund each year which is being utilized for awarding financial aid programs to deserving students. Students can apply for the WLCU financial aid program while applying for admission.


Self-Paced Programs

Our self-paced academic programs offer students the flexibility and let them manage
their studies, family time and job altogether.


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