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An Apostille is a specialized certificate issued by the Secretary of State. It is attached to your documents in order to verify the legitimacy and authenticity of the documents and therefore, making the documents recognized and acceptable in all member countries of the Hague Apostille Convention. The Hague Apostille Convention consists of 117 member countries, all of which require an Apostille from the Secretary of State of the American Board of Higher Education Commission (US Department of State)

Document Authentication, Certification, and Embassy or Consulate Legalization is required in all 50 states in the US through recognized bodies, to maintain distance education standardization and quality assurance for all students registered either in the United States or international students registered with US based universities.

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American Higher Education Commission is an independent, voluntary, nonprofit membership organization which connects and serves over 1500 public, independent, and international schools in the US and worldwide. For decades, American HEC has been working to establish and maintain high standards for all levels of education. Known as a globally recognized standard of excellence, American HEC Accreditation attests to an institutions high quality and integrity.

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Council for Distance Education Standardization and Quality Assurance is an independent not for profit body officially recognized by national governments verifying and establishing quality standards. They provide quality standards all around the world against the assessment of legitimate verification. Their standards are solely based on integrity and compliance which is acceptable globally. The accreditation council generates confidence in their members which endows them with a prestigious position all around the world.

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For Non-Apostille countries (those which have not signed the US Apostille Treaty), a certificate from the state is attached with the documents instead of an Apostille. The certificate from each states varies from the other and thus there at 50 different kinds of certificates. Documents can be issues from any of the State including the U.S. Federal Government with Authentication and Legalization services. Prior to the issuance, documents are processed and verified through the State registration, the American Board of Higher Education Commission (US Department of State) in Washington, D.C, and then through the respective cultural division / department in State.

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Note: Non Apostle Member Countries are not part of the Hague Apostille Convention and therefore, any document requested by these countries will receive a certification. These countries may also require an additional legalization by a Consulate or Embassy office.

Gulf Office of Accreditation & Authentication operates as a representative of Gulf Office of Accreditation & Authentication , ensuring highest quality academic programs and international education standards in all educational institutes. GulfOAA has published a list of approved universities, which is available on our website. Students and working adults seeking higher education must consult with this list before enrolling in universities to ensure their academic program is accredited.

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A Professional license / membership is a certification that displays a professional’s compliance to a higher level of standards. It allows companies and individuals to gain fast and easy entry into the international markets, allowing them to tap foreign markets as registered professionals in their particular fields. The below mentioned licensing and membership/ certification bodies ensure individuals and businesses meet the set international quality standards. The main objective of the bodies is to grant certification or licenses to the professionals, make sure they are held accountable for their actions and monitor finances for tax purposes.

American Society for Architectural Engineering and Project Managers Council sets and maintains the internationally recognized standards of the professional standards for education in engineering. We are one of the world’s leading professional societies for technicians and engineers and our accreditation covers a broad range of subjects that includes electrical, mechanical, electronic and architecture engineering.

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International Association of Registered and Certified Engineers is a global quality assurance and accrediting agency, working to improve quality standards of organizations and grant accreditation to engineering education programs, institutions, corporations, professionals and qualified individuals. We work to ensure educational quality standards and prepare students for careers as registered engineers.

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ACBPME is an international quality assurance agency, working to improve quality assurance standards of organizations all over the world. With its global network of experts, ACBPME grants accreditation to educational institutions, corporations, professionals and qualified individuals.

ACBPME also offers international accreditation services to small, medium and large scale corporations. ACBPME’s international accreditation for corporations ensures that the organizations are operating according to the international principles and standards of quality.

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The Council of Health Care Accreditation and Association (COHCAA) is an independent not-for-profit global accreditation agency responsible for regulating and assuring sustainable quality education in all academic institutions/universities worldwide. COHCAA accreditation is recognized as the mark of educational excellence in the private and government sector.

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The Committee of Occupational Safety And Health Science Education is a leading global not-for-profit accrediting organization, which provides health, and safety accreditation to educational institutions. Our internationally recognized accreditation standards accommodate to raise the provision of safety and environmental professionals as well as individuals at all levels.

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Distance Education Board for Information Technology and Management is a non-profit professional body and the most trusted IT accreditation agency across the world. Distance Education Board for Information Technology and Management institute works hard to improve both the education and professional development of those broadly working in the IT industry and computer-related field.

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The Global Consortium of Law Practicing Professionals (GCLPP) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, 501(c)(6) membership organization devoted to advancing the legal issues that concern our members. Without regard for politics or prevailing fashion, we dedicate our work to the belief that there is a national imperative to improve the legal profession and the justice system of the nation. There's never been a more important time to be a member of the GCLPP.

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The Higher Education Board for Psychology Education (HEBFPE) is the global accreditor for psychology universities, training and other discipline of psychological services. HEBFPE accredits various graduate programs in clinical psychology, behavioral psychology, organizational psychology, educational psychology and combinations of these areas. The board also accredits doctoral internships in the aforementioned areas.

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Global Educational Management Federation is a registered trade union and regional accreditation body which accredit and certify teachers, scholars, counselors, and educational institutions. Global EMF represents all teachers globally; including but not limited to pre-schools, infants, primary and secondary schools, universities, and institutes.

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Accreditation plays a pivotal role in establishing the legitimacy and authenticity of an educational institution

- Academic Counselor


University of Woodland California is an internationally recognized and accredited distance learning university. Having received certifications from multiple international accreditation bodies, we keep striving towards progression and advancement of our online programs and courses, to make sure our students get the best distance learning experience.

All degree, diploma and certification programs at University of Woodland California go through a rigorous evaluation procedure thereby assessing each program in terms of affordability, flexibility, curricula quality and learning curves of students.

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    Serves as a surety for students that the university abides by the standards set by the industry for quality, teachers, curricula and other academic services.
  • 02
    Certifies the legitimacy of your degree ensuring that it is recognized by potential employers or educational institutions when pursuing further education
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    Endorses the academic quality and standards of a university, providing confidence to evaluators when seeking to transfer course credits to other universities
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