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University of Woodland California is a leading distance learning university offering over 200 accredited distance education programs, with strategic curriculum developed by qualified intellectual faculty so your courses give your career a boost and lead you to a successful professional path. Our learning model is an amalgamation of the finest program designs, competent faculty, complete student support and state-of-the-art teaching and learning technology.

At WLCU, we ensure you get the best distance learning experience, for which, we provide an enriched academic environment, ensuring that you leave with more than just a degree and take with you, real-world experiences and practical skills.

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What degree programs are offered at WLCU?
WLCU offers undergraduate, master’s and doctoral degree programs along with a number of non-degree diploma and certificate programs in 15 areas of study with the option of 70 majoring courses. Click here to learn more about the academics at WLCU
How can I fund my education?
There are several ways to fund your education at WLCU. We offer a number of financial aid program and financial aid opportunities to our students, making education affordable for them. Click here to view your financial aid program options or speak to an enrollment officer for further details.
How do I get started?
When you are ready to enroll you can click on Apply Now or call us at 1-866-910-8733 to speak to an enrollment officer. We look forward to having you in our next batch.
What are non-degree programs?
Non-degree programs are courses that do not amount to credit hours and our taken solely with the goal of professional development. These courses are for general information or to improve skills for work related purposes.
What type of non-degree programs are offered at Woodland California?
University of Woodland California offers Diploma programs which include graduate and undergraduate diploma programs. WLCU also offers 4 types of certificate programs designed to fulfill the various academic requirements of students.
How can I apply non-degree programs to my career?
Non-degree programs are a way to bridge the skill gaps between your education, learned skills and career. WLCU non-degree programs are available in various academic domains, designed to increase the knowledge of students and assist them in improving their career opportunities.
How Do I Transfer To WLCU?
Understanding the need to speed up your degree, WLCU offers a very flexible credit transfer policy. Applicants with credits relevant to the degree program they are applying for, can have their credit hours transfers to eliminate courses from their programs. You can get your credits evaluated by speaking to our enrollment officer.
What type of credits are transferred?
Course work and test scores from any accredited institute is transferable. WLCU takes in consideration the work and life experience of the applicant and offers credits for it after thorough evaluation. Military personnel can also get their training and on duty experience be considered for credits.
Is WLCU accredited?
University of Woodland California is a globally recognized accredited distance learning university offering a world-class education. We have received certifications from multiple regional and international accreditation bodies, and also enjoy the status of being one of the top-ranked online institutions of the world.
What are the admission requirements for international students?
WLCU is a completely online university, therefore, students do not have to obtain visas or study permits to study here. Students do however need to meet the basic pre-requisite educational requirements to enroll in certain programs. Please speak to an enrollment officer to learn more about the specific admission requirements of you chosen program.
Can international students qualify for financial aid?
Students from all over the world can apply and qualify for financial aid. WLCU offers a number of financial aid program and financial aid opportunities to its applicant. You can learn more about financial aid programs and financial aid here.
Do I have to be a US resident to attend WLCU?
You can be a part of University of Woodland California no matter which part of the world you reside. We take pride in being a diverse community with students from over 120 countries currently enrolled with us and studying online.
How can I utilize my military skills into a career?
WLCU holds the means to help you transfer your military service and the skills you have acquired throughout your career transitioned into a career of your choice. Speak to our academic counselors to explore your career path.
Does WLCU offer veteran education benefits?
WLCU military benefits are available for both veterans (former service members) as well as active military personnel. Our enrollment officers can help you out in availing the exclusive benefits available for military students.
Can I get credits for military service?
Based on your work and educational experiences and training, you may have college credit applied to the degree program that you are interested in. Military credits and their transfer policy varies according to the trainings you have received and your selected program.
What are the WLCU Alumni benefits?
As a WLCU alumni you can continue enjoying multiple benefits including a wide range of professional development courses, one on one counseling sessions, opportunity to grow your professional network and the chance to save on your tuition fee when opting for your next degree at WLCU
Does WLCU offer career services to students and alumni?
The WLCU Alumni status grants you access to the multiple career services including resume writing, career counseling, placement opportunities and professional conduct trainings
How can I expand my professional network?
Being a part of the WLCU Alumni network gives you a chance to stay in contact with other alums working in various industries and professional domains. The alumni networks allows you to continue learning from each other and expand your professional network even after completing your studies.
What equipment do I need to study online?
All you need access to a computer and an internet connection to get started with your distance learning. Students can use a computer or get hard copy reading material for self-study, however all exams and classes are conducted online.
How do I keep up with the classes as a working adult?
WLCU offers 100% online, flexible and self-paced study, which means you can take classes according to your available anytime and anywhere, without disrupting your personal or professional life.
Where can I get tech support to start studying?
The WLCU learning system is easy to use and requires basic knowledge of computer processing, however, should you still require any help you can contact the university in order to be assigned with a tech support agent.
Call Us: 1-866-910-8733